10:00:38 Create new PHPExcel object
10:00:38 Set document properties
10:00:38 Add some data
10:00:38 Add conditional formatting
10:00:38 Duplicate the conditional formatting across a range of cells
10:00:38 Write to Excel2007 format
10:00:38 File written to 08conditionalformatting2.xlsx
Call time to write Workbook was 0.0049 seconds
10:00:38 Write to Excel5 format
10:00:39 File written to 08conditionalformatting2.xls
Call time to write Workbook was 0.6202 seconds
10:00:39 Current memory usage: 2.75 MB
10:00:39 Peak memory usage: 3.5 MB
10:00:39 Done writing file
File has been created in /home/bitrix/www/local/tools/PHPExcel/Examples